Lydia's Journal ♥

About me. :)

So, you may ask. Who am I? Well, that question cannot be answered by one simple word. As for anyone else on this planet we call home. I hope this page will answer your questions, as well as let you know what is so SPECIAL about me that I would decide to torture you daily with my incentive on life.

What is my favourite music?
That questions usually differs on the day. I try to listen to most genres to broaden my perspective, however I typically love punk/rock and pop music, such as Paramore, Taylor Swift and Ke$ha. To name a few.
What do I like to do in my spare time? (Other than blog,of course :P)
I generally write,read, go on the internet and listen to music. I love going on facebook and watching Glee :)I'll probably end up loving photography when I get a camera for xmas:)
What are my favourite movies and T.V. shows?
I love Glee, Dance Academy, iCarly, and Sonny With A Chance:) The movies I love are Wild child , Angus,Thongs & Perfect Snogging, The Last Song and Harry Potter :P
What are some of my favourite books and authors?
I love so many books its impossible to count, but my personal favourites include The Gallagher girl series by Ally Carter, The Caster Chronicles By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl,The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, and The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.
What is one piece of technology I can't live without?
Probably my iPod. Without my music my day wouldn't be the same, and I would have hardly any inpsiration for writing.
What are a few interesting facts about me?
I'm a chronic overthinker. I take life far to seriously.I'm a huge procrastinater. I'm a self professed icecream and chocolate addict. I'm definitely not a neat freak
Oh, and I love Rainbows. A lot. Some of my favourite things in the world are music, literature, and when the sky is just about to go dark and its a deep, deep blue and the first stars appear. Nothing inspires me more than stars:)
If I had three wishes, what would I wish for?
Lets see.... Wish 1: To meet Paramore. Wish 2: To have an iPhone. Wish 3: To get a book published.
Oh fine.I know you are all going "You're so selfish, what about World peace? Ok, ok,ok,ok ok! I'll swap Wish Three for two more wishes and ask for World Peace  and get a book published. Happy now?! And I really want to travel.