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I finally bought Heist Society by Ally Carter on Thursday :) Its good so far :)
So , what else is new with me?? For starters, this weekend is long, boring and slow. I kinda just want to be back at the hostel with my awesome buds.
Its our last week of term , so I can almost say I've survived a whole term of being at highschool. Almost. I just found out today what my new technology for next term will be, and I'm not happy. Its woodwork, I suck at it, and I didn't even select it. The other technologies must have been full this term, but still. I wanted to do graphics!!!
Thought I lost my iPod.Found it, thankfully safe and sound in my jersey pocket :)
I've got an English test and a Social studies test this week. Wish me luck:D
I might post again tomorrow, but until then,
Seya :)

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