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Happy April fools day for yesterday!!! :)
The hostel went april fools day CRAZY. :D
I finally got a guitar tuner, which rules. All I need now is talent...which I'm slowly getting?! Who knows..
School is going fantastic, and I am getting awesome grades in all of my subjects.
One of my roomates is also teaching me a bit of ukulele, which I'm slowly picking up.
I'd never thought I'd ever say this, but at the moment I love P.E. at my school. We play really fun games, and I don't suck (that much :P)
Alice,Stephy,Maizy,Oli.....I miss 'yall. Email me at
4/2/2011 02:12:20 am

I got my guitar tuner, too! I got mine on Thursday, but I didn't use it 'til yesterday. I got replacement strings as well, but when I tried to put the third string in, I broke it. So now I am third-stringless until I admit to my mom I don't know how to change the strings on my guitar >.<

4/7/2011 04:32:30 am

I got a capo, and it's white. It's smaller than I expected it to be :P I ordered it online from Guitar Center, and I'm pretty happen with what I got. The tuner was so much smaller than I expected!


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