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Lolz and lots of cookies:)
Today was awesome^^ It was tech today ,which meant woodwork, cushion cover designing,and (gulp!) sewing. I sucked at sewing as usual,but I kinda had fun, and my sewing isn't as bad (well,not QUITE.) as it used to be. I also got an iceblock from my teacher for getting on level 5 of writing.They are national levels, and I'm now the best in my whole school^^:) Our old teacher came to visit us as well, with her new baby boy!!He is so cute:D 
I had a speech comp yesterday, which my friend and I competed in for our school. My friend got 1st= with this other kid, and I would have got third if there was no first equal:(
I've got a second speech comp next week, which is a little nerve-wracking, since way more people are  going to be there, including my principal. (Eeek!) My friend from netball is also entering,and she is a really good speaker!!! 
 Less than 2 weeks to go unitl my birthday!!!! I FINALLY get a phone! Score!!
P.S. I'm thinking of having weebly as my main but not only blog. what are your thoughts?

11/22/2010 04:10:51 am

Sorry it took me so long to comment! I'm still figuring Weebly out :) I feel so out of touch, but I still read everyone's blogs (Oli, Stephy, Maizy..)

I hope you're well!! Have fun at camp :)


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