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"She lives in a fairytale somewhere to far for us to find.Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she's left behind. I told her the angles are all wrong, now she's ripping wings off of butterflies."
~Paramore. Before the Farro brothers left ,before my life was over and before I had strung myself into emotional turmoil about that particular band.
I should keep writing Alexa. ~INTERRUPTION~ Crap.BADABADABADABADA will NEVER sound the same again (sad face)
*Cough cough* back to business. I have gotten new ideas and inspiration from songs,mainly from artists like Taylor Swift and yes, still Paramore.Well mainly paramore. I hope to get at least one chapter written over the summer,so I should stop procrastinating and get on with it. Speaking of procrastinating, I asked Ally Carter on her website's post about procrastination, and she just said "I think about all my fans and how much they want a book to be written, so that just stops me entirely."
Not helping Ally!!! I know, I suppose I should be forever greatful , especially since one of my IDOLS of writing answered a question from ME.(epic crazy fan squealing moment!!!!!) I mean, how she can resist temptation of T.V., facebook, Glee,reading, get what I mean. 
Alice , you are a lifesaver when it comes to being lonely on the otherside of the world.I feel like if I met you, we would be automatically best friends. Hey... if I start saving now how many years would it take to get to the U.S.? 5?10? New York is calling....
 xoxoxo <3 L
12/22/2010 02:36:18 am

I'd really hate to ruin your day (if it's not as bad as mine already)but Josh posted on his blog (that I never knew about) and he wrote an entire "statement" listing all the reasons about why he and Zac left. I diidn't read the whole thing - just skimmed and read paragraphs that seemed more important. But that blog post has seriously gotten me torn up. I still love Paramore and am going to love Paramore, but what Josh wrote was kind of...harsh. He kinda just ragged on Hayley and about how much it was kind of about her.

I think that is just AMAZING that Ally actually replied to you... I mean, Ally Carter is one of the awesomest authors, and of course if she had time she would reply, but, she's kinda famous, so getting a reply from someone so busy is kinda miraculous :P

I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting you in the future, sometime. It would make me so happy and angry if we met each other and never knew it... It's not very likely that I might come to New Zealand because I am absolutely terrified of airplanes. It's kind of silly, but the thought of being on an airplane with the possibility of crashing just scares the living hell out of me :P

The picture on the homepage of my blog is actually one I found on Paramore.Net. I thought it was cute so I saved it and added it to my blog ^^

12/22/2010 10:00:00 am

Oops! I forgot to post the link to blog post. It's not on the website or anything. Josh created his own blogspot blog at That's where he posted his exit statement, and a video to prove the website was all real. I honestly think it's gotten beyond ridiculous, and if the brothers want to leave, they can leave. :/


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