Lydia's Journal ♥ was...not such a good day!!!For one, it was Monday, which of course makes it VERY bad. Secondly, however, there was an eye test for school students today. Long story short, I may or may not need glasses, and I have to see an optomoterist. I think I know whether or not my eyes are fine or not, thankyou! I've got the reading at very late hours in dim light badge to prove it! Sorry if I sound especially grumpy, it just annoys me that I have to sit through a gruelling eye test to see if I need glasses. Everyone says I suit glasses, but I think it would be very annoying having to look after them and carry them around all day. Can I have some help? Are eye tests annoying?Are glasses annoying? HELP ME.
P.S. I finally finished a new header for my "about me" page. The effects portion of the header editing thingy only works on google chrome.Hrmm.
12/5/2010 11:42:36 am

Hi there. ^^ You may not know me but I'm an old friend of Stephy's. I really like your posts, they're really interesting. :D You have a purple camera? Lucky! I have a grey one. Purple is also my favorite color. You are right, eye tests are really annoying - especially if you have bad eyes! I didn't like it when I had to take my first eye test at school . . for I couldn't really see all the words. Glasses are sometimes annoying if you have to watch for them but if you keep them in a safe spot you're okay. :D Goodluck with your results on your eye-test to see if you need glasses! :P

~HeelyGurl x


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