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Tomorrow is the day. I start boarding tomorrow, (we have to be in the hostel in the afternoon a day before school starts.) and I'm so nervous. I'm busy packing and double checking I've got everything, plus naming all my electronics.
I had an awesome summer holiday, and I managed to eat far too much icecream and drink far to much coke.
I'll be starting up a new blog segment: A diary of my highschool days which will be hand written in my journal during the week (depending on how much time I have a spare few minutes) and posted in daily recaps. I won't make it too personal, as I can't really say anything I like online, but I'll make it as honest and factual as possbile (although I might change a few names here and there.)
I'm currently trying to start reviewing the horde of great books I read over the summer holidays. Please bear with me while I try and finish blog construction!!!
Its so scary this is my last post for two weeks (we have to stay in for the first weekend,its like a Year 13 and 9 bonding weekend.) I don't know how I'm going to cope without internet for two weeks, plus without my pet cat Tipsy, who really missed me while I was on holiday for one week. She was like my shadow last night :)

If anyone wants to email me, leave a message on my meebo or comment with your email address. Maiz, thanks for your emails btw :D
I hope everyone has a great two weeks and I'l
1/29/2011 02:20:25 am

I hope you'll be okay! I'd probably die without the Internet, because I lost my mp3 charger, and without the internet i wouldn't be able to listen to music. -.- Life is so complicated.

I hope you have a lot of fun and make some good friends.

E-mail me @:


2/2/2011 10:21:51 am

Heyyyyy Lyd 8-) I need a picture of you in real life OR a picture of your avatar on your favorite game. Why? It's a secret shhhh Love ya Lyd! Maizy


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