Lydia's Journal ♥
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Paramore have just released their new single, Monster!!!!!  (Below) It sounds awesome!!!!
On the downside, one of my cats is has been missing for two weeks now ;(
And I have five tests coming up this week (Grrrr.)

How is everyone? By the way, please follow me on tumblr. My URL is
I have been getting pretty great grades at school, although being a perfectionist, I know I can do a lot better (starting with studying more.).
I know you lucky people in America are on summer break!!! You.Lucky.Things.
I'll drag you to NZ so you can enjoy the cold!!! (Jk, but you dragging me to America would be absolutely fine *hint hint*) I had to have a bloodtest yesterday, which was actually fine and didn't even hurt :) Gosh, I really need to start writing more.
P.S. I'm addicted to the game Angry Birds...
P.P.S. Its a long weekend yaaaayyyyy!!!

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