Lydia's Journal ♥
I've started writing in a journal again.I know it sounds cheesy, however I love the feeling of writing whatever about whoever you want. Its also a good way to make sure I write regulary. I don't know how long it will last, but for now, it may be something good to look back on.
I got a new magazine yesterday, and I also got a free purple gel pen with it, which is perfect for me because I'm the kind of girl that NEVER can have enough pens. Its really good quality, and its the kind that doesn't smudge.
I read somewhere that blogging is a good way to channel your inner thoughts and inspiration, and be a happier person because of it. I agree, blogging has definitely made me a happier person.
I've got a few more page ideas coming, so stay tuned for some new features coming in the next few weeks. I hope to dedicate most of the Christmas holidays to writing and managing this blog. And spending time with family and friends, especially since highschool is only 8 weeks or so away.Dear God I love summer. Even more so since we have our own pool. :D 
<3 Lydia :)

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