Lydia's Journal ♥
I'm getting really excited about Christmas.
We put our Christmas tree up the other day, and its a real tree, so now our house smells like Christmas!
Our school production is down right stressful and tiring, although I will certainly be glad when we have our final performance on Thursday.
I have singned up for this writing website called WattPad, which I may use to continue writing some stories I've been working on. I haven't posted anything yet, however I will keep you guys updated when I do, and give you my account details.
I thought, just because I'm in the Christmas mood, an its 18 days until it( but, hey who's counting?), I would compose a wishlist.

1 A digital camera (I've have already got this however I'm not allowed to use it until xmas)
2. Gallagher Girls #4 Only The Good Spy Young
3.Tomorrow When The War Began series Book 3 The Third Day, The Frost
4.Smiggle Stationery!(for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about its a shop in New Zealand/Australia with AWESOME stuff.) Check it out on 
5. Writing material (notebooks, pens etc. 

A special thanks to Heely Gurl for commenting! I'm so glad you like my blog :)
<3  L

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