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Lydia's Journal ♥
Tomorrow is the day. I start boarding tomorrow, (we have to be in the hostel in the afternoon a day before school starts.) and I'm so nervous. I'm busy packing and double checking I've got everything, plus naming all my electronics.
I had an awesome summer holiday, and I managed to eat far too much icecream and drink far to much coke.
I'll be starting up a new blog segment: A diary of my highschool days which will be hand written in my journal during the week (depending on how much time I have a spare few minutes) and posted in daily recaps. I won't make it too personal, as I can't really say anything I like online, but I'll make it as honest and factual as possbile (although I might change a few names here and there.)
I'm currently trying to start reviewing the horde of great books I read over the summer holidays. Please bear with me while I try and finish blog construction!!!
Its so scary this is my last post for two weeks (we have to stay in for the first weekend,its like a Year 13 and 9 bonding weekend.) I don't know how I'm going to cope without internet for two weeks, plus without my pet cat Tipsy, who really missed me while I was on holiday for one week. She was like my shadow last night :)

If anyone wants to email me, leave a message on my meebo or comment with your email address. Maiz, thanks for your emails btw :D
I hope everyone has a great two weeks and I'l
I've been listening to a lot of different music, thanks to Alice, who has made a fantastic page with all of her favourite songs. I have discovered a new band called Flyleaf, whom until now I had never realised sung the song "Fully alive." I might buy "All Around Me" plus another Hey Monday song off their new EP before I go on holiday tomorrow.
I finally got in touch with my best friend on facebook the other day, after she had her phone turned off ALL HOLIDAYS plus she never went online. We chatted for like and hour, and it was so funny how much stuff we had to talk about. :)
I've still got A LOT of construction to finish- in fact the published version of my site doesn't even show the half of it. It should be finished by the end of Feb- early March, but I'm not making any promises because I don't quite know the workload in front of me yet for school. (And, if I get into the class I want to, apparently they get LOADS of homework.)
It is a week and one day until I have to go into the boarding hostel. I'm getting really nervous. Considering the fact I've been at the same school my entire life. Eeep?!
First off, It so totally wasn't my fault that my sister overused the internet. That didn't however, stop be from getting banned from the computer for over a week and a half.
I'm busy packing for boarding school. I'm getting nervous/excited/scared/whatever else you can think of. Next week we go on holiday, YAY!. But then, we get back and its ONE DAY until I have to be in the boarding house.
I was sick in the last week, and I had to take giant antibiotic pills three times a day. I'm better now, but still have to finish of the pill bottle. Doctors orders.
I had my eye test a few days ago. I need glasses. Crap. Apparently my right eye isn't working properly, so I now have to (when I get the glasses, which fortunately isn't the first day of highschool.) use them when I read, go on the computer and do schoolwork. Apparently, a new haircut just doesn't cut it when you are trying to escape the "geek girl" look for ONCE IN YOUR LIFE when you need glasses. I should be ok though, seeing as I don't have to wear them all the time.
With my internet gone for a week, I used the time to watch the Australian Open with my Mum (tennis for those of you who don't know) , (P.S. go Kim Clijsters and Justin Henin :D) and read. I actually read a very good book called Ginger Snaps by Cathy Cassidy, which I will review once I get round to editing my blog and finishing the long overdue construction. I apologise for making this post long, a week a bit gives a girl a lot to think about.
Thanks to Maizy for commenting!!!
I have a serious case of writer's block. Besides the fact I haven't written anything decent in over a month, I'm pretty much the same.
Its still hot and humid. I'm swimming a lot. Which is about the only exersise I do.
I went shopping the other day, and got a new book ( The Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy) , a pretty lilac billabong wallet, and some bargain clothes from the New Year's sales.
I'm currently listening to my iPod on shuffle to try and trigger my imagination.So far, no such luck.
I got a couple of new songs last night from iTunes. I got Superchick's Stand In the Rain,and Hey Monday's Where Is My Head. I was going to buy a Fireflight song, but I need advice on what one to get!!! what is the best one?? (Alice, you're probably the best person to ask in this case, because we have very similar music taste :P)
I've got my stupid eye test on the 18th. I've been getting headaches from reading at night as well.
Its getting close to I have to go off to boarding school. Only 3 and a bit more weeks.