Lydia's Journal ♥
*A minutes silence for the people killed in the Christchurch earthquake this week*

Its devestating really.To see one of your favourite cities demolished right before your eyes on the news. To start freaking out about your cousins, aunty,and uncle. To watch the news in frozen silence, while people are trapped under rubble and places ruined by liquefaction. I'm still holding back tears now, even though all my family and friends are safe.

So.I didn't really have a particulary great week. Hostel wise as well. I haven't been getting enough sleep because of two people in my dorm who aren't very empathectic. I still love boarding, but left exhausted.
School has been fun,mind you. I love my English teacher, plus the subject. We had a half day this week and EVERYBODY went into town. It was also the day the earthquake struck. It was fun, but I left early with this other girl. We had activities two days this week, with team building , abseiling , archery and other stuff. It was reasonably fun, and I left having a lot of new friends.
My new school is fantastic, and I have had two guitar lessons so far, and have been moved into a guitar group with my best friend as well. I'm learning quite fast, my teacher is awesome, and next week we are learning The Only Exception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hopefully getting a nylon stringed acoustic, however for now I'm just borrowing one. I practiced for like an hour on a girl's guitar (sadly steel stringed,so my fingers got sore.) for like and hour.
I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and remember to comment and email!! I'd love to hear from you :)
P.S. look out for a new b
I'm having an utterly fantastic time boarding. This week was fun! Do you know whats not fun? Having to swim in your school's pool at 8:40am when its overcast,about to rain,and class and student ID photos are next period. And you got up early to straighten your hair for nothing. Oh joy!
Well, other than that minor setback, I had an awesome week. To start off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy belated Valentine's Day!!! I had a great V-day, even though I'm single and planning to stay that way for a while yet. My friend in Year 10 (I'm a year nine) at the hostel named Amy, who loves paramore ,glee, and has the exactly the same interest as me, made me six cupcakes complete with a letter made up of paramore lyrics :) Does that not spell Awwww anyone???
Then, there was the Social.(Dance) Which was held with a neighbouring boy's hostel at their hall.
The music was about as loud as concert (at least I think so, having never actually been to one.) , and it was such an awesome night!! It was sooooo hot... thank goodness for a can of coke halfway through!!! The music was utterly fantastic, and would have been great if a fat,ugly, pimply guy asked me and all my friends for our numbers. Predictably, we all refused.
Noticed I've changed the text to green?? That's because it was also our swimming sports last week!!! I'm in the green coloured house, and yes, my throat is still sore from chanting too loudly.
We ended up tying with the blue house,which utterly sucked, and to top that all off...

Hope you guys all had a great week, cu

It certainly feels good to be home.
I had two awesome first weeks at boarding school. I made so many new friends, and I just love it!
My first day was alright, if a bit overwhelming. It was kind of boring, seeing as we didn't do any work and just stayed in our form classes. My best friend actually ended up in the same class as me!
I thankfully didn't get lost, but getting up at 6:45am did get some getting used to. I mainly have pretty good teachers, but I hate drama (because of the annoying teacher.)
We have compulsory study time for and hour and 15 minutes every night, which sucks if you have hardly any homework. At least I brought my iPod!
The food is ok, however I still crave my Mum's lasagna. Boarding is so fun, and I know I will have a great first year.
I'm starting guitar lessons next week, and I have a social ( a dance.) and swimming sports.
I'm actually quite good at Science, even though it can get kind of boring. I enjoy English as well. I'm finding the work really easy at this stage, so I hope it gets a little more challenging.
Alice, Stephy, Maizy I miss you guys so much!!wht's been