Lydia's Journal ♥ was...not such a good day!!!For one, it was Monday, which of course makes it VERY bad. Secondly, however, there was an eye test for school students today. Long story short, I may or may not need glasses, and I have to see an optomoterist. I think I know whether or not my eyes are fine or not, thankyou! I've got the reading at very late hours in dim light badge to prove it! Sorry if I sound especially grumpy, it just annoys me that I have to sit through a gruelling eye test to see if I need glasses. Everyone says I suit glasses, but I think it would be very annoying having to look after them and carry them around all day. Can I have some help? Are eye tests annoying?Are glasses annoying? HELP ME.
P.S. I finally finished a new header for my "about me" page. The effects portion of the header editing thingy only works on google chrome.Hrmm.
I'm baaaaackkkkkk!!!! From what you may ask? Camp! It was so awesomely epic, our teacher made it the best ever. We went kayacking, swimming, to the utterly awesome museum , and so much more!! I'm so tired, thanks to a long bus ride home and over-early mornings. I loved kayacking, because it was so awesome paddling around in the wharf, and we got to throw wet sponges and each and the instructors, The food was ish, but delicious compared to what we got last year.We stayed in a university hostel, so it was quite cool accomadation, and we all had a lot of fun. The weather was perfectly sunny and hot, so going on the ferry was like a lake, and walking up the island had AWESOME views. It was  a great last camp for primary school:)
I'm currently reviewing my weebly site so I can make it as good as possible. My about me page may be due for a change, along with a few more page ideas I have up my sleave.
15/11/2010 :D
I'm having fun decorating this blog:) The headers are finally finished, except for this one,because I lost the original,sadly. Like the pic? I think its really cute. Just a little update on my crazy life: I had my 13th birthday two weeks ago, and I had an awesome day.I got a phone!!!Finally. To bad I'm sort of getting addicted to it:) The school year is almost at an end,which means stressful production practice, crammed-in homework, and school camp:D We go on camp next week, which will be so fun, and I'll fill you in on some of the utterly awesome parts. Shout out to Alice, Stephy, and Maizy.
Rock on:)