Lydia's Journal ♥
It is so hot here at the moment. Its around 25 degrees celcius, and its not even past midday yet. Thank goodness for our pool! I just had a light lunch because I'm going to go swimming again.
I'm trying to swim as many laps as I can because I love swimming and I apparently inherited my Mum's broad shoulders. Which is a perfect build for a swimmer. Never mind the fact that I have hardly any muscles to speak of.
I've been warming up on the deck, and I realised I've become really paranoid about UV rays and skin cancer. I suppose that's a good thing, seeing as New Zealand's UV ray rates are among the highest in the world, but ultimately, it will probably stop any chances of me getting a decent tan.
Its New year's eve, and I plan to stay up until midnight, although my family doesn't really do too much to celebrate. I shall have my own mini HAPPY NEW YEAR celebration in the confines of my own room.  
:) ~Lydz
I hope everyone had an awesome christmas and got loads of cool presents and had a fantastic time :D I sure did :)
My Mum & Dad got me a purple fujifilm finepix digital camera, an iPod dock, a Billabong pencil case,and Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter (which I finished last night :P) , a review for that particular book, among others, will be posted on my book review page. But for now, watch this space :)
I promised you guys a picture of our family dog, Maddie. I appear to be experiencing a slight technical hitch with weebly current, so I promise to get to the bottom of it later :)
"She lives in a fairytale somewhere to far for us to find.Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she's left behind. I told her the angles are all wrong, now she's ripping wings off of butterflies."
~Paramore. Before the Farro brothers left ,before my life was over and before I had strung myself into emotional turmoil about that particular band.
I should keep writing Alexa. ~INTERRUPTION~ Crap.BADABADABADABADA will NEVER sound the same again (sad face)
*Cough cough* back to business. I have gotten new ideas and inspiration from songs,mainly from artists like Taylor Swift and yes, still Paramore.Well mainly paramore. I hope to get at least one chapter written over the summer,so I should stop procrastinating and get on with it. Speaking of procrastinating, I asked Ally Carter on her website's post about procrastination, and she just said "I think about all my fans and how much they want a book to be written, so that just stops me entirely."
Not helping Ally!!! I know, I suppose I should be forever greatful , especially since one of my IDOLS of writing answered a question from ME.(epic crazy fan squealing moment!!!!!) I mean, how she can resist temptation of T.V., facebook, Glee,reading, get what I mean. 
Alice , you are a lifesaver when it comes to being lonely on the otherside of the world.I feel like if I met you, we would be automatically best friends. Hey... if I start saving now how many years would it take to get to the U.S.? 5?10? New York is calling....
 xoxoxo <3 L
Ok, well this is a big shock to me. Two things actually, have recently circulated around the web that (a) I firstly could not believe would happen/have happened and (b) That i am incredibly sad about.
Event 1:
I logged onto dizzywood today, only to find (sniffle) that its closing down after December 31st.Just like that.Gone. :(
Event 2:
Zac and Josh Farro have LEFT paramore. My life is officially over. The band without the Farro brothers is just..not paramore. I found this out from Alice. Thanks for letting me know!I could have gone antoher week without knowing.
Ok,now my ears are cursed, because my sister just started playing Justin Bieber full boar on her phone.Can this day GET any worse?
Probably. But hey , on the bright side, since I can no longer (a) play dizzywood and (b) cherish paramore in the way I currently do,
How is everyone? I apologise for not posting for a while, a lot has happened and I just needed some time to have a break from blogging.
My Great Nana sadly passed away last week, which has been really tough for me. The funeral was a 5 hour drive away,so we had to go there and then come back late Wednesday Night so we could be home for our last day of primary school.

It was a bit sad having my last day at a school I've been at for 8 years, however I'm ready for change and new challenges I'm about to face. Which also brings me to the fact that it is..................................
Christmas is a week away!!!! I got my Mum to order Only The Good Spy Young for me, so I can't wait to read it. I also have just finished The Hunger Games. It was EPIC. I reccomend it to everyone, and Stephy, you should try reading it again.Once you get past the weirdish parts at the beginning,you cannot put the book down  :)
Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves:)Have you guys finished sch

I'm getting really excited about Christmas.
We put our Christmas tree up the other day, and its a real tree, so now our house smells like Christmas!
Our school production is down right stressful and tiring, although I will certainly be glad when we have our final performance on Thursday.
I have singned up for this writing website called WattPad, which I may use to continue writing some stories I've been working on. I haven't posted anything yet, however I will keep you guys updated when I do, and give you my account details.
I thought, just because I'm in the Christmas mood, an its 18 days until it( but, hey who's counting?), I would compose a wishlist.

1 A digital camera (I've have already got this however I'm not allowed to use it until xmas)
2. Gallagher Girls #4 Only The Good Spy Young
3.Tomorrow When The War Began series Book 3 The Third Day, The Frost
4.Smiggle Stationery!(for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about its a shop in New Zealand/Australia with AWESOME stuff.) Check it out on 
5. Writing material (notebooks, pens etc. 

A special thanks to Heely Gurl for commenting! I'm so glad you like my blog :)
<3  L
I've started writing in a journal again.I know it sounds cheesy, however I love the feeling of writing whatever about whoever you want. Its also a good way to make sure I write regulary. I don't know how long it will last, but for now, it may be something good to look back on.
I got a new magazine yesterday, and I also got a free purple gel pen with it, which is perfect for me because I'm the kind of girl that NEVER can have enough pens. Its really good quality, and its the kind that doesn't smudge.
I read somewhere that blogging is a good way to channel your inner thoughts and inspiration, and be a happier person because of it. I agree, blogging has definitely made me a happier person.
I've got a few more page ideas coming, so stay tuned for some new features coming in the next few weeks. I hope to dedicate most of the Christmas holidays to writing and managing this blog. And spending time with family and friends, especially since highschool is only 8 weeks or so away.Dear God I love summer. Even more so since we have our own pool. :D 
<3 Lydia :)

A moment of silence for the 29 miners who lost their lives in Pike River mine.

I had my highschool test and tour yesterday, which was ok. Although I'm pretty sure I didn't do that well on the 2 HOUR test, I'm ok with how I did. I got my uniform , which I actually like :) . Overall, I'm pretty excited about going to Boarding school :D
We went into town afterwards and I got a new school bag (my current one has a broken zip ) and my PURPLE digital camera which I put money towards. I can't use it until Christmas, which really sucks, because I can't wait to take pictures :D