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First off, It so totally wasn't my fault that my sister overused the internet. That didn't however, stop be from getting banned from the computer for over a week and a half.
I'm busy packing for boarding school. I'm getting nervous/excited/scared/whatever else you can think of. Next week we go on holiday, YAY!. But then, we get back and its ONE DAY until I have to be in the boarding house.
I was sick in the last week, and I had to take giant antibiotic pills three times a day. I'm better now, but still have to finish of the pill bottle. Doctors orders.
I had my eye test a few days ago. I need glasses. Crap. Apparently my right eye isn't working properly, so I now have to (when I get the glasses, which fortunately isn't the first day of highschool.) use them when I read, go on the computer and do schoolwork. Apparently, a new haircut just doesn't cut it when you are trying to escape the "geek girl" look for ONCE IN YOUR LIFE when you need glasses. I should be ok though, seeing as I don't have to wear them all the time.
With my internet gone for a week, I used the time to watch the Australian Open with my Mum (tennis for those of you who don't know) , (P.S. go Kim Clijsters and Justin Henin :D) and read. I actually read a very good book called Ginger Snaps by Cathy Cassidy, which I will review once I get round to editing my blog and finishing the long overdue construction. I apologise for making this post long, a week a bit gives a girl a lot to think about.
Thanks to Maizy for commenting!!!
1/19/2011 09:42:29 am

I remember when I took my eye test in June, and I had to get glasses. I was pretty horrified, since I never had glasses before, and I kept worrying about what my friends would think because I didn't wear glasses the year before. Glasses aren't too bad, but it's kinda hard to look after them (if you're me). You can't really lie on your face without the glasses digging into your skin. Sometimes, they might fall off, too (once they almost fell into the garbage can) but I've gotten so used to them I forget I'm wearing them. I'm still unhappy about having glasses, but they're not all bad.
I really don't mind if you want to use the idea for a songs page. That's totally fine with me :)
I hope that you'll have a lot of fun at your boarding school! I've never been to one, but I guess it must be kind of nerve-wrecking, since I think you actually live on campus. Most people think of boarding school as a punishment or something, but it must be a lot more than that :P

1/20/2011 09:03:50 am

Please tell me my comment went through... I closed the tab and i wrote a long comment. I don't see it here -.-

Well, if I remember what I wrote, at least I remember...

Love you, Lyd


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