Lydia's Journal ♥
It is so hot here at the moment. Its around 25 degrees celcius, and its not even past midday yet. Thank goodness for our pool! I just had a light lunch because I'm going to go swimming again.
I'm trying to swim as many laps as I can because I love swimming and I apparently inherited my Mum's broad shoulders. Which is a perfect build for a swimmer. Never mind the fact that I have hardly any muscles to speak of.
I've been warming up on the deck, and I realised I've become really paranoid about UV rays and skin cancer. I suppose that's a good thing, seeing as New Zealand's UV ray rates are among the highest in the world, but ultimately, it will probably stop any chances of me getting a decent tan.
Its New year's eve, and I plan to stay up until midnight, although my family doesn't really do too much to celebrate. I shall have my own mini HAPPY NEW YEAR celebration in the confines of my own room.  
:) ~Lydz

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