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One of the best things about boarding is that you rarely have nothing to do, because most of your friends are around you most of the day. :)
I fianlly sorted out my problem with my work being far to easy. I told my tutor group teacher ( homeroom teacher.) and she spoke to the Deans for me. (The Deans are the people who oversee our entire year group.) I had a meeting with one of them, and could possbily be moving up to one of the acclerate classes next term, if I do well on my tests. No pressure.
We have a social coming up next week with all the boarding schools in my region. It is seriously gunna rule!! Its to fundraise for the Christchurch earthquake.

Now, enough about me, how has everyone been?? Stephy,Alice,Maiz,Oli etc. EMAIL PLEASE. My email is

In other news,an earthquake in Japan sparked breaking news as it reached 8.8 on the richter scale. Which took Glee off air before it finished. Which also caused a Tsunami. Which also made Lydia very unhappy and thinking the world may end.

3/11/2011 06:25:44 am

I heard about the earthquake and the tsunami! I was so nervous that there might be some more disasters coming. I hope you're well, Lydia. AND BE SAFE. :)

3/12/2011 02:47:25 pm

OMG! DOES THIS MEAN YOU WILL GET TO SEE KARLY? The girl from that school- wait is it a boarding school?

I keep bringing her up :|

GO SMART LYDIA! You're lucky >.> My grades are getting worse- no longer a AAAAA student D:


3/25/2011 03:03:54 am

Alright I'll give you the link. You do have my e-mail, right?




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