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I have a serious case of writer's block. Besides the fact I haven't written anything decent in over a month, I'm pretty much the same.
Its still hot and humid. I'm swimming a lot. Which is about the only exersise I do.
I went shopping the other day, and got a new book ( The Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy) , a pretty lilac billabong wallet, and some bargain clothes from the New Year's sales.
I'm currently listening to my iPod on shuffle to try and trigger my imagination.So far, no such luck.
I got a couple of new songs last night from iTunes. I got Superchick's Stand In the Rain,and Hey Monday's Where Is My Head. I was going to buy a Fireflight song, but I need advice on what one to get!!! what is the best one?? (Alice, you're probably the best person to ask in this case, because we have very similar music taste :P)
I've got my stupid eye test on the 18th. I've been getting headaches from reading at night as well.
Its getting close to I have to go off to boarding school. Only 3 and a bit more weeks.

1/6/2011 09:21:21 am

That is really, really funny, because JUST last night I re-fell in love with Fireflight. The song "What I've Overcome" has been in my head since...last night. I can't get it out :)

These are some really great songs by Fireflight that I like:
Stand Up
What I've Overcome
Go Ahead
So Help Me God

Other Songs~
Give Me A Sign - Breaking Benjamin
Fixed at Zero - VersaEmerge
Inside of You - The Maine
Never Be The Same - Red
Forever - Red
Broken Pieces - Apocalyptica ft. Lacey of Flyleaf (The music video's kinda strange, but I love the song.)

I'm kind of tired, so I might have a longer list of songs later :)

1/18/2011 01:51:10 pm

Why hello there Lyd :D

I've missed you -.-
I love your new blog/home! It's really well put together.

Not much to say really. I'm quite upset that Zach died. But then... he didn't o.o BUT THEN WHAT? I'm almost finished with Only the Good Spy Young

Love you Lyd!


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