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Ok, so there are these identical twins in my year at school who do karate! Its pretty hilarious sometimes because they think its really cool, however they don't know most people are kind of laughing at them. They are really nice, but the karate is getting a little old.
I'm convinced my drama teacher is possessed. She gives "drama detentions" if you forget to bring shorts to drama (why you need shorts for drama is beyond me...) three times. She is apparently, the "normal" drama teacher. Hoo hum.
My phone went off really loudly in Bio technology. Everyone was staring at me, and my friend was laughing at me  all day. Turns out, it was a call from a random number.Needless to say, I now always turn my phone off.
I hate rainy days, and Friday was really bad. It was also our mufti day for the christchurch earthquake. I got soaking wet, I had P.E.( thank goodness we just played a game and didn't have to swim...) and I slid over TWICE. It hurt. A lot.
To answer your question , Maizy, no I don't go to the school specified in your comment, but keep guessing. You were close with the name, just not the city. Its fairly close to the region of my school, though.
I'm finding all of my work really easy. I hopefully might get to change classes so I'm more challenged, I'll try to sort it out this week.
3/9/2011 10:36:24 am

What if I told you... that I have a friend that goes there, and perhaps you might be able to meet o.o Oh well, it doesn't matter because you probably dunno each other. Anyway, I'd ask how school is but you just blogged about it 8-)

Take care!


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