Lydia's Journal ♥
Luck can be described and lost in many ways. For example; that time when I seem to have such an awesome day. (you know, those rare ones where everything good in the universe simply slots into place.) And then there are those when you are absolutely certain the entire world is practically shouting bad luck into your world. Those happen more often than not.
So, for those that have to regulary do a five minute check because they are VERY prone to losing things.....(me,obv.) we can thank two things (1) That my school has very good lost property system, and (2) I have some good days, once in a while.

Friday the thirteenth is a day seemed to be cursed with potential bad luck. One of my friends/aquaintances/random person I know I can say "Hi" to in the hallway without them looking at me weirdly and having that look in their eyes that says "Do I know you?!" had her thirteenth birthday. On  Friday the thirteenth. Ha. And, my unlucky had an operation today. Poor her.

Then there are those perfect people who seem to have everything going for them. (btw still beating the top offender on school badges two to none.) But, they could be unlucky, too. Although they really, REALLY, don't seem like it.

To top this day all off, there was just a storm (you know, thunder lightning etc, DO i SERIOUSLY NEED TO GO OVER THIS?!) and I just think the world is going crazy. Lucky Taylor Swift. Thirteen is her lucky number.

'Night. :P

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