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Ok, well this is a big shock to me. Two things actually, have recently circulated around the web that (a) I firstly could not believe would happen/have happened and (b) That i am incredibly sad about.
Event 1:
I logged onto dizzywood today, only to find (sniffle) that its closing down after December 31st.Just like that.Gone. :(
Event 2:
Zac and Josh Farro have LEFT paramore. My life is officially over. The band without the Farro brothers is just..not paramore. I found this out from Alice. Thanks for letting me know!I could have gone antoher week without knowing.
Ok,now my ears are cursed, because my sister just started playing Justin Bieber full boar on her phone.Can this day GET any worse?
Probably. But hey , on the bright side, since I can no longer (a) play dizzywood and (b) cherish paramore in the way I currently do,
12/19/2010 03:33:07 am

I know!! I felt like my best friend dropped dead when I read the blog post... and they said they were leaving LAST SUNDAY, but Paramore only announced it to the public YESTERDAY. I'm so freaking sad... I was so looking forward to seeing them live for the first time, now I can't. Well, maybe I can, but it's not the same. I won't hear Josh's screamo in My Heart. I won't hear, "HEY JOSH!" in Miz Biz... I wish Josh hadn't gotten married.. I mean, he deserves to be happy, but he's so distant...and the whole band knew they were leaving for a few months. That is SO freaking depressing :/

I can't believe DW is actually closing... I mean, it's where we all got our start. It's how we met all our friends and got to meet new people... I don't play anymore, but it's kinda sad to think that after this year, the site that started this all will be gone...


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