Lydia's Journal ♥
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Paramore have just released their new single, Monster!!!!!  (Below) It sounds awesome!!!!
On the downside, one of my cats is has been missing for two weeks now ;(
And I have five tests coming up this week (Grrrr.)

How is everyone? By the way, please follow me on tumblr. My URL is
I have been getting pretty great grades at school, although being a perfectionist, I know I can do a lot better (starting with studying more.).
I know you lucky people in America are on summer break!!! You.Lucky.Things.
I'll drag you to NZ so you can enjoy the cold!!! (Jk, but you dragging me to America would be absolutely fine *hint hint*) I had to have a bloodtest yesterday, which was actually fine and didn't even hurt :) Gosh, I really need to start writing more.
P.S. I'm addicted to the game Angry Birds...
P.P.S. Its a long weekend yaaaayyyyy!!!
Just spent a good half hour doing last minute homework. My tumblr and (new) angry birds addiction is not helping!!!!!
Science is just getting pathetic. My teacher is angry all the time, and yelled in this girl's face for not paying attention.(even though the majority of the class was doing the same.) Who could blame her? It was theory on the atmospheres, and he isn't the most exciting person to listen to! Plus I spent an hour doing the ridiculous amount of excersises he set us "because he wasn't seeing us for a few days" even though pretty much all of the stuff is completely useless for our assessment (a project) and only a few of us will have finished it. (me, including the challenges,which,ironically, was easier than the actual work.)
Ha ha.Back to tumblr.
This week was pretty good:) We had another social (dance) with my whole year group:)
I had a science test yesterday. THANK GOODNESS our English teacher was away and we weren't assigned a substitute, so we all did some semi-last minute studying for science :P I think I got at least merit, and it was easier than I thought it would be.

I had just discovered the awesomest site for photograhy in a long time!!!
Its called and features amazing pics which you can reblog on tumblr, share on name it!!! I especially reccomend this to Alice as she has some AMAZING photography that needs to be shared on this site!!! It even gives automatic copyright to the owner when you post things on tumblr etc.
(btw, my new tumblr pic comes from this site :)

I again have a mountain of homework that is screaming at me to get it finished, however I unfortunately am suffering with a long battle between me and procrastination. Tumblr induced.
I promised I would post something on mibba this weekend,
Luck can be described and lost in many ways. For example; that time when I seem to have such an awesome day. (you know, those rare ones where everything good in the universe simply slots into place.) And then there are those when you are absolutely certain the entire world is practically shouting bad luck into your world. Those happen more often than not.
So, for those that have to regulary do a five minute check because they are VERY prone to losing things.....(me,obv.) we can thank two things (1) That my school has very good lost property system, and (2) I have some good days, once in a while.

Friday the thirteenth is a day seemed to be cursed with potential bad luck. One of my friends/aquaintances/random person I know I can say "Hi" to in the hallway without them looking at me weirdly and having that look in their eyes that says "Do I know you?!" had her thirteenth birthday. On  Friday the thirteenth. Ha. And, my unlucky had an operation today. Poor her.

Then there are those perfect people who seem to have everything going for them. (btw still beating the top offender on school badges two to none.) But, they could be unlucky, too. Although they really, REALLY, don't seem like it.

To top this day all off, there was just a storm (you know, thunder lightning etc, DO i SERIOUSLY NEED TO GO OVER THIS?!) and I just think the world is going crazy. Lucky Taylor Swift. Thirteen is her lucky number.

'Night. :P
Ok. I usually NEVER get comments people other than alice,stephy,maizy etc. But I go back to school for a week, and find that not one that TWO people have discovered my website and love my blog!!! Very flattering!!! Seems a little to good to be true... but thanks???!!!
My first week back at school was so incredibly awesome:) I have really good roomates this term, so I have a feeling I'm going to have a great time.
I've got a mountain of homework and studying this weekend, so I may just have to limit my internet time for now!!!
I finished Heist Society last night:) It was ammmaaaaaazzzzinngggg:)
And, now I've finally got my hands on a coveted copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, the last installment of the Hunger Games trilogy!!!! Reviews will be up promptly:D
Tumblr is amazing:) There are so many dedicated fans, like myself, and reblogging is so addicting and effortless :)
Ali,Stephy...thanks for reccomending tumblr!! Now its one of my favourite sites and maybe (just maybe) will cure my pointless facebook addicition!!