Lydia's Journal ♥
I'm missing all my boardaz buds like crazy...
There's some weeks when you cannot LIVE without having all your friends around you 24  hours of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't read, think write..... its driving me crazy!!! Its not the same on facebook!!!!!
And, yeah, Happy Easter:P () ()
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I finally gave into the tumblr craze, and I'm addicted:)
Don't worry, my weebly blog is still my absolute priority, I see tumblr as more of a social network era of blogging.

My blogging on tumblr is getting randomer (is that a word?!) by the second. :P

The URL is..... :):) Visit.Follow.Like. Ple
So, I was just browsing through facebook, and I found THIS!

Newcomer Willow Shields (In Plain Sight) has landed the role, nicknamed Prim in the books, the studio announced Wednesday. The actress joins Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale.

Prim plays a pivotal role in the first book of Suzanne CollinsHunger Games trilogy that leads to Katniss’ harrowing ways.

In addition, four tributes have been cast: Jack Quaid and Leven Rambin will play District 1’s Marvel and Glimmer, and Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg will portray District 11’s Thresh and Rue.

All I can say is Josh Hutcherson for Peeta = PERFECT. I'm a little unsure about Liam Hemsworth playing Gale. Looks like they are ageing up the roles, unfortunately.




I finally bought Heist Society by Ally Carter on Thursday :) Its good so far :)
So , what else is new with me?? For starters, this weekend is long, boring and slow. I kinda just want to be back at the hostel with my awesome buds.
Its our last week of term , so I can almost say I've survived a whole term of being at highschool. Almost. I just found out today what my new technology for next term will be, and I'm not happy. Its woodwork, I suck at it, and I didn't even select it. The other technologies must have been full this term, but still. I wanted to do graphics!!!
Thought I lost my iPod.Found it, thankfully safe and sound in my jersey pocket :)
I've got an English test and a Social studies test this week. Wish me luck:D
I might post again tomorrow, but until then,
Seya :)
Happy April fools day for yesterday!!! :)
The hostel went april fools day CRAZY. :D
I finally got a guitar tuner, which rules. All I need now is talent...which I'm slowly getting?! Who knows..
School is going fantastic, and I am getting awesome grades in all of my subjects.
One of my roomates is also teaching me a bit of ukulele, which I'm slowly picking up.
I'd never thought I'd ever say this, but at the moment I love P.E. at my school. We play really fun games, and I don't suck (that much :P)
Alice,Stephy,Maizy,Oli.....I miss 'yall. Email me at
School is going pretty well, at the moment. Despite the fact that this weekend I've got a mountain of studying (science of all subjects.) and homework. Thursday was the social, which was really fun, and hilarious. Especially when a couple of girls in my year where setting up this other girl with this guy.Who I happened to know was an absolute idiot.
I had a writing workshop with a famous New Zealand author on Wednesday!! It was so great to meet other girls who had a passion for writing like me, and to learn his tricks for writing. He said something that really stuck: All writers STEAL. I have to agree :)
Stephy has changed to tumblr for blogging, but I can't seem to find her blog address?!
Remember please PLEASE EMAIL ME
One of the best things about boarding is that you rarely have nothing to do, because most of your friends are around you most of the day. :)
I fianlly sorted out my problem with my work being far to easy. I told my tutor group teacher ( homeroom teacher.) and she spoke to the Deans for me. (The Deans are the people who oversee our entire year group.) I had a meeting with one of them, and could possbily be moving up to one of the acclerate classes next term, if I do well on my tests. No pressure.
We have a social coming up next week with all the boarding schools in my region. It is seriously gunna rule!! Its to fundraise for the Christchurch earthquake.

Now, enough about me, how has everyone been?? Stephy,Alice,Maiz,Oli etc. EMAIL PLEASE. My email is

In other news,an earthquake in Japan sparked breaking news as it reached 8.8 on the richter scale. Which took Glee off air before it finished. Which also caused a Tsunami. Which also made Lydia very unhappy and thinking the world may end.

Ok, so there are these identical twins in my year at school who do karate! Its pretty hilarious sometimes because they think its really cool, however they don't know most people are kind of laughing at them. They are really nice, but the karate is getting a little old.
I'm convinced my drama teacher is possessed. She gives "drama detentions" if you forget to bring shorts to drama (why you need shorts for drama is beyond me...) three times. She is apparently, the "normal" drama teacher. Hoo hum.
My phone went off really loudly in Bio technology. Everyone was staring at me, and my friend was laughing at me  all day. Turns out, it was a call from a random number.Needless to say, I now always turn my phone off.
I hate rainy days, and Friday was really bad. It was also our mufti day for the christchurch earthquake. I got soaking wet, I had P.E.( thank goodness we just played a game and didn't have to swim...) and I slid over TWICE. It hurt. A lot.
To answer your question , Maizy, no I don't go to the school specified in your comment, but keep guessing. You were close with the name, just not the city. Its fairly close to the region of my school, though.
I'm finding all of my work really easy. I hopefully might get to change classes so I'm more challenged, I'll try to sort it out this week.
*A minutes silence for the people killed in the Christchurch earthquake this week*

Its devestating really.To see one of your favourite cities demolished right before your eyes on the news. To start freaking out about your cousins, aunty,and uncle. To watch the news in frozen silence, while people are trapped under rubble and places ruined by liquefaction. I'm still holding back tears now, even though all my family and friends are safe.

So.I didn't really have a particulary great week. Hostel wise as well. I haven't been getting enough sleep because of two people in my dorm who aren't very empathectic. I still love boarding, but left exhausted.
School has been fun,mind you. I love my English teacher, plus the subject. We had a half day this week and EVERYBODY went into town. It was also the day the earthquake struck. It was fun, but I left early with this other girl. We had activities two days this week, with team building , abseiling , archery and other stuff. It was reasonably fun, and I left having a lot of new friends.
My new school is fantastic, and I have had two guitar lessons so far, and have been moved into a guitar group with my best friend as well. I'm learning quite fast, my teacher is awesome, and next week we are learning The Only Exception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hopefully getting a nylon stringed acoustic, however for now I'm just borrowing one. I practiced for like an hour on a girl's guitar (sadly steel stringed,so my fingers got sore.) for like and hour.
I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and remember to comment and email!! I'd love to hear from you :)
P.S. look out for a new b